Only one organization sits at the critical intersection between those who seek the full benefits of motivational tools, and those who can provide these extraordinary experiences.

An organization whose essence has not changed since its inception: an association of the best meetings, events and incentive leaders worldwide, dedicated to building business and creating results.

Making the connection between motivational experiences and business results, SITE is the only organization dedicated to linking professionals in the travel and motivational events industry with the business leaders who seek improved performance through these experiences.

As SITE embraces its strategic vision—Unleashing human potential through extraordinary motivational experiences—it will consistently reflect upon three essential brand pillars that truly distinguish SITE in the field:

  • Global Connections
  • Motivational Experiences
  • Business Results

Built on a legacy of strong, professional relationships and high ethical standards, SITE serves as the source of knowledge for corporate leaders seeking the best ways to achieve improved results, with the greatest return on their investment.

SITE has never strayed from its guiding principles: uncompromising ethics, respect for all cultures, and unleashing human potential through extraordinary motivational events. Since its first educational program in 1975, SITE has focused on education and networking as two key components of advancing members' innovation and creativity, which, in turn, spur the advancement of the entire industry.

SITE members share the insights, best practices and information that serve as a catalyst for advancing thought leadership not just on an individual basis, but industry-wide. SITE chapters and events provide multiple forums for members to address common issues on regional, national and international levels, while having full access to SITE's global perspective and knowledge base.

The current economic situation only underscores the influence and purpose of SITE and its members at a time when a joint effort by all organizations is vital to progress.

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